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Ex de Local Control Station GRP Type

Power Plant

Brand : ELSCOM Model : Ex de Local Control Station GRP Type

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Product Information


    CEO : Kang In-cheol

    Phone Number : 051-315-8990

    Address : 281, Daedong-ro, Sasang-gu, Busan

    Homepage : www.elscom.co.kr

  • About Us

    We will do our best with a modest attitude and mindset.

    Since its foundation in 2004, ELSCOM has been developing and supplying explosion-proof products and electro-electric system and components in the fields of oil and gas facility, shipbuilding, offshore plants, petrochemical, power plants and general industries.

    In addition, we are engaging in ambidextrous management to increase values of customers while promoting disruptive innovation and sustainable innovation in pursuit of sustainable management through scale-up of technologies and products.
    ‘ELSCOM’ may not be the best company, but it always endeavors to work for the best. We hesitate to say ‘No’ to customers because it is our commitment to provide greater values to customers behind the scene.

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    Telephone inquiries : 1588-0914

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