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Pressure balanced Expansion Joint

Power Plant

Brand : DMT Model : Pressure balanced Expansion Joint


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  • DMT

    CEO : man Heo

    Phone Number : 0504-3105-7538

    Address : #241-24 Yulchon Sandan 2Ro, Yulchon Myeon, Yeosu Si Jeollanam do

    Homepage : www.dmtflex.com/

  • About Us

    DMT provides Totla Solution that specializes in customized design and construction of expansion joints used to prevent heat expansion, contraction, and fatigue destruction caused by vibration in various industrial systems, realizing customer satisfaction and promoting mutual growth. DMT is a company specializing in expansion joints that pursues more than customer value, and we ask for your generous support and encouragement to grow into a company that develops with the times by continuous technology development and continuous facility investment.

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