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Brand : Bokuk Electric Ind Model : DIESEL ENGINE GENERATOR

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  • Bokuk Electric Ind

    CEO : Kwak Ki-young

    Phone Number : 010-3370-3027

    Address : #90, Gukgasandandong-Ro, 42-Gil, Gobong-Ri, Dalsung-Gun, Daegu, 43008, Korea

    Homepage : www.bokuk.co.kr

  • About Us

    “BOKUK” is since its founding in 1961 a leading company in power industry of Korea, and we can supply engineering, design, manufacturingand site installation and commissioning. Our products are manufactured with high quality and technology that is strictly controlled in accordance with international standands.
    Now, AC Generator, Diesel/Gas Generator Set, Gas CHP System, Gas Turbine Generator set, Solar Power System and Various Electrical apparatus are in our production line and it is proposed to various business field to industrial plant, power plant, building and hospital, Oil& Gas industry, Military business and others.

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Bokuk Electric Ind
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    Telephone inquiries : 1588-0914

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