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K360 Safety Light

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Brand : KMX Model : K360-W-WP

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  • KMX

    CEO : Sung kyu Kim

    Phone Number : 0504-3105-7491

    Address : 1963, Uljinbuk-ro, Uljin-gun, Gyeongbuk

    Homepage : www.kmxkorea.com/

  • About Us

    Since its foundation in 2005, KMX has met customer expectations through technological innovation and product development.
    It has grown to be a responsive company, and since 2011, it has diversified its business.
    By developing safe chemicals and equipment technology that can improve facility efficiency,
    We are preparing for the future by coping with the rapidly changing business environment.

    In addition, by securing cleaning and maintenance technology that improves the efficiency of facilities,
    Nuclear/thermal power plants, petrochemicals, general industries and overseas desalination plants
    Are applied.
    With these years of accumulated technology, the desalination facility of UAE desalination power plant in 2018
    The world's first chemical cleaning has proven to improve efficiency.

    Furthermore, to improve the efficiency of industrial and large building cooling towers
    We have developed a scale removal device (DaJaBaRa) and supply it to the domestic and overseas markets.
    Another new product, ‘Lighting device with removable safety hat / K360 Safety Light’
    For the development of energy-saving, eco-friendly, and safety products such as successful development and patent acquisition.
    To become a global leading company by making ceaseless efforts
    I'm trying.

    In the future, KMX Co., Ltd. will produce better products in the domestic and global markets.
    Global Trend, a company that presents impressions to customers through customized technology development.
    The foundation for continuous innovation growth to grow into a leading company
    We promise to make it once again.

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