This circuit breaker consists of two underground distribution lines in a closed-loop,and when a line accident occurs during operation,the fault current is separated within 3 cycles through directional relay communication so that the healthy section can be operated uninterruptedly.

It is a maintenance-free structure that does not require inspection for gas leakage and replenishment due to the phase-separated solid insulation and vacuum blocking method,and due to the excellent insulation performance of epoxy,it can be applied not only to general areas but also to areas that are damaged by salt.

As a reliable operation method,a magnetic actuator with minimal parts is used to ensure a long life,and the insulation performance is reinforced by applying a vegetable oil insulated contact method instead of the conventional vacuum cut-off part for the ground part.


-Main circuit vacuum cutoff method

-Automatic removal of distribution system accidents,uninterrupted power supply (improvement of supply reliability)

-Completely solving the problem of ground switch failure through vegetable insulating oil

-Magnetic actuator operation method minimizes parts to ensure long life

-20 years use reliability certification (KERI)


-Three-phase short circuit accident is prevented by separating the insulating housing for each phase.

-Resolve the risk of explosion due to pressure expansion in the SF6 gas insulation method

Environmentally friendly epoxy insulation

-Can be applied to damaged areas due to the use of epoxy resistant to contaminated environments

-Maintenance-free structure that does not require gas and pressure release locking device [Maintenance Free]

-Environmentally friendly with no use of SF6 gas with a warming factor of 23,900 times that of CO2

Other technical notes

-Prevents reverse fault blocking through directional determination algorithm

-Reverse current monitoring and prevention of input when live on the load side

-Completely waterproof structure with IPX8 grade

-FRTU integrated digital control

-Small and lightweight structure reduces installation space